Following the recent death of singer Amy Winehouse, Vibe magazine has decided to make their “Juice” issue a double cover with Winehouse and Kelly Rowland both featured on separate covers.

The issue will also feature an exclusive interview with producer Salaam Remi who was supposed to attend a wedding with Winehouse the weekend she passed away. According to Remi, he and Winehouse were in the middle of working on the singer’s next album.

“They went ahead with the wedding. All I could do was sit there and imagine how many jokes she would have been cracking with me,” Remi explained to Vibe. “We were in the middle of working on the album. She finished writing the record. We just hadn’t recorded.”

Remi also revealed that Winehouse planned on celebrating her 28th birthday with Nas in Barbados later this year.

“For the last couple of weeks we were video chatting regularly,” said Remi. “I was just talking to Nas. Both her and Nas were born on September 14, so we were going to Barbados with all of them for her birthday. She really doesn’t look forward to her birthday; you know what I’m saying?”

Following Winehouse’s death Remi took to his Twitter account to express his grief over the singer’s sudden passing.

“Very Very Sad Day. Just lost a Great Friend and a Sister. RIP my baby SiS Cherry Winehouse. Love ya always. i Didnt hear a gunshot, n i dont see any blood, but i Feel a DEEP PAIN in my heart. A part of ME died today RIP CHERRY,” Remi Tweeted following her death.

Winehouse passed away on Saturday, July 23rd. The cause of her death has yet to be discovered.

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