HipHopDX recently spoke to Devin The Dude about his Fresh Brew album with The Coughee Brothaz. Throughout Devin’s 17-year career of releasing music, the Florida native has self-produced many of his works, in addition to emceeing and singing. DX asked Devin about his production style, as last year’s Suite #420 was largely self-produced.

“[I have been] staying focused on the real soulfulness that we was trying to establish like in the early ’90s,” began Devin. “Like we did with Rap-A-Lot [Records], [starting with] me and Rob Quest digging in the [record] crates. [We are] just going through and asking what can we find new in the music and still have that real soulful mood. We would just always look for that unique mood and what the fans would feel. It hasn’t been hard to stay on that because now everything is sounding pretty much the same, especially when it comes to the clubs and what’s on the radio,” explained The Dude. “It’s no problem for me not to go that route because it’s always easier for me to stay where I am.”

Looking at his peers, Devin added, “There’s quite a few people out there like myself who really try to hold on to the soulfulness of the music. When you hear something you can feel before the lyrics are even added in. It’s a matter of feeling, more so then what’s hot and trendy.”

One self-produced Devin The Dude song from last year was “Pick My Brain,” a stellar album cut from Suite #420. The song deals with industry wanna-be’s invading the veteran’s personal space. Always jovial, Devin revealed the real-life inspiration behind the record.

“It was at the [Landing Gear] album release party in a strip-club,” recalled Devin. “I was enjoying myself, having a few drinks and this girl came up to me asking if she could dance on me and I was like yeaaah yeaaah. [Laughs] As soon as she bent over and started doing her thing, this guy started tapping me on the shoulder saying, ‘Ay, you know, man, [how do you secure your publishing?] I was like, ‘Come on, man, you’ve gotta be kidding me. You can’t be doing this right now man. [Laughs] 

Devin The Dude Presents The Coughee Brothaz’ Fresh Brew is in stores now.