Ms. Drama recently caught up with G-Unit’s latest signee Shawty Lo to discuss his new deal with New York titan 50 Cent. Shawty Lo broke down the finer details of his deal, indicating that it’s a split deal between his D4L imprint and 50’s infamous label. He also explained that he’s looking sign a bevy of new artists looking to expand their own musical movements.

“This venture means here that I am the new G-Unit [representative] down in the south,” he explained. “50’s switching like he’s the majors over me, and it’s like all the artists don’t have to trouble [with]…adapt[ing to New York] up here…or on the west coast. He accepts me for, not even an artist, but how I am [respected] down in the south…the joint venture’s between D4L, my record label, slash G-Unit, so it’s a 50/50 partnership. Basically, I’m looking to sign artists everywhere…I want artists to show their movement.”

Shawty Lo also discussed his upcoming sophomore album, titled Still Got Units. The D4L frontman explained that he changed the album’s title after he parted ways with his former label Asylum/Warner Bros., and that the new title links his previous effort to his new work and new label situation.

“My album was going to be called I Am Carlos,” he said. “My first album up on Asylum/Warner was called Units in the City, and I was going to come back and name my second album on the same label I Am Carlos, but since that I’m now out of that situation, I just feel like it’s a new day…I’m signed with G-Unit now, so Units in the City [fits].”

He also discussed the Unit’s influence on his sound, saying that while his music won’t deviate too far from his original style, there will be a noticeable difference. He did reveal, however, that his partners from G-Unit will join him on a collaboration for his album.

“Basically, my sound’s my sound,” he said. “I never change it unless it’s broken. We’re just going to add more flavor, turn my volume a little bit higher. I’ve got a very big powerhouse behind me [in 50 Cent, he’s] a marketing genius…the whole camp [will be featured].”

Watch the full interview to see Shawty Lo discussed his relationship with T.I. and whether D4L will reunite.

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