With a strong solo career in the spotlight, many emcees elect to bring their friends into the Hip Hop fold. That has happened time and time again, from Eminem with D12 to Nelly and the St. Lunatics. A recent example of this comes with Waka Flocka, who has made it a point to big up his comrades and give them careers in the Rap business. In a recent interview with Fader, Waka spoke on why this was important to him.

“I gave my boys careers,” he says in the magazine interview. “It’s better than giving [it to] another rapper, [who] undercover envy you, and he just going hard trynna use your heat. I’d rather give my boys some heat.”

While he works with friends, there is some competition in the studio. Speaking on the behind-the-scenes work with his camp, Waka says the crew selects “the hardest verses” as ones that will land on tracks. 

“Whoever got the hardest verses end up on the song,” he notes. “Gucci [Mane] like to orchestrate his music like, This sounds like Waka or this sounds like such-and-such… My guys, it’s just whoever write they verse first and whoever got the hardest verse.”

Understanding the impact of this business move, Waka says he know he’s helping others. According to Flocka, the goes beyond Rap.

“At the end of the day, this just some real business,” he says. “Like, people’s kid’s college tuitions is in our hands, lives is in my hands. I gotta create something long term.”

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