During a recent stop in Santa Cruz, California, Fashawn spoke with Amadeuz TV and 90.5FM KSJS about a slew of topics including J. Cole, Odd Future and rhyme partner Blu. The Fresno emcee also spoke about his upcoming performance at Rock the Bells and his forthcoming album, the follow-up to his critically acclaimed Boy Meets World debut.

When speaking about J. Cole, who Fash has worked with in the past, the Dirty Science crew member had pleasant things to say. He also shared his feelings about the “refreshing” nature of the Odd Future movement.  

“J. Cole’s one of the dopest artists out, as far as the new generation of emcees. I met him a few years ago and we’ve been in contact ever since,” he said, before complimenting another act. “I think [Odd Future is] refreshing. I respect the audacity they have to be them. That’s cool.”

Fashawn supporters have been able to catch more of Fash on mixtapes, but his next full-length is something many have been waiting for. Fans won’t have to wait long. According to him, he has been working on new material with the Dirty Science collective, a crew that also features Blu and Exile, among others. He has also started working on his next solo endeavor, an album set to come out later this year. In addition to all of this, he said he will try his hand at writing a movie. 

“[Expect] more music from me, trying new things and experimenting. I feel like if it’s not taking a risk, you shouldn’t even do it. It’s not even worthy enough to be called an idea. New innovative stuff from Fashawn, expect me to branch out. I might even do a movie. I might write a movie. I’m not a big actor, I write.”

When asked about his performance with Blu and Exile at Paid Dues this year, he said fans can expect an even better set for Rock the Bells. 

“It’s going to be even crazier because I’m also bringing my band…It’s going to be like the Paid Dues set but on crack.
We haven’t stopped recording material. It’s just a matter of time before y’all get the new music. We’ll be performing some new shit at Rock the Bells, as well. Expect some stuff from the clan, man. Dirty Science is the crew. Exile is the general of that movement, I feel.” 

While promising an album “before this year’s over,” he also added, “I don’t have an exact date because I’m still working on it.”

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(July 21)

UPDATE: Appearing tonight (September 5) on DJ Green Lantern’s XM Satellite Hip-Hop Nation Radio Show with Evidence, Fashawn confirmed that his sophomore album will be titled, The Ecology. Like his 2009 acclaimed debut, Boy Meets World, the work will be fully produced by Emanon alum Exile.

“The Ecology” was a single from the debut album.

No release date was given.

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