In addition to signing Shawty Lo the G-Unit family, 50 Cent is again expanding his roster. According to MTV’s RapFix, Kidd Kidd is the latest to join the team, with Fif breaking the news on the set of Tony Yayo’s upcoming video for “Haters.”

The New Orleans, Louisiana recently released his single “Better Walk” featuring 50 Cent, a cut off his May 2011 release The Reallionaire. He previously explained that Fif supported his music and recently hit up his album release party.

“50 came at me direct and I respect that,” he told SOHH. “It’s a respect thing, you feel me? There’s not too many real out there that do what they do. He told me when he comes down to New Orleans, he’s gonna come and get at me. And that’s what happened. He came to the N.O. and got with me.”

[July 10]

UPDATE: While on the set of Tony Yayo’s “Haters,” 50 explained why he decided to sign Kidd Kidd to G-Unit, explaining that getting dropped from Columbia Records as an upstart parallels the NoLa rapper’s trajectory.

“Them boys down in New Orleans, they’re active,” he told MTV News. “It’s a lot goin’ on down there, and because I experienced it, I didn’t move away from it. I actually ID’d with the situation a little more. He got hit six times, he got a bag on now.”

“It’s a blessing getting down with Fif. It’s real, it’s all love,” added Kidd. “There ain’t too many real people in the industry, period. I’ve been around a lot, and right now it’s time. I never felt like this before.”

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