For Blue Sky Black Death and Nacho Picasso, the formula for creating a series of visuals to compliment their upcoming album, For The Glory, is surprisingly simple.

“I don’t think you need a bunch of money, you just need the eye,” explained BSBD’s Kingston, who so far has directed four of the album’s videos. “I did a bunch of videos with really basic equipment. The budget was like a bottle of Hennessy, a bunch of blunts and gas money.”

While the trio’s video for “Numbnuts” was released earlier this spring, “Sweaters” was actually the first video Kingston directed. The fast pace can be attributed to the chemistry, a lengthy friendship and a mix of Nacho’s work ethic and the public’s nonstop appetite.  

“There’s really no reason not to drop a shitload of videos, because people have such musical A.D.D. that you need to keep constantly hitting them with new visuals and new material,” added BSBD’s Young God. “It’s pretty easy for Kingston, so we’re gonna try to do a video for more than half of the songs off of this album.”

Some outside of the Pacific Northwest may not be familiar with the self-proclaimed “Tat in the Hat,” but between “Sweaters,” the previously released “Numbnuts,” and likely a half a dozen more videos, listeners should become familiar with Nacho Picasso. Assuming he’s still recognizable after multiple visits to the tattoo shop.

“I was getting that piece on my back worked on pretty much throughout the [completion of the] album,” Nacho said. He’s just recently finished the 10 hours worth of tattooing and retouching to took to finish the piece featured so prominently in “Sweaters.” For the Glory is expected to drop sometime in September, and fans of Nacho’s Blunt Raps mixtape shouldn’t expect any politics to compromise the sound.

“There’s a major difference between Blunt Raps and For The Glory,” Nacho explained. “I didn’t just want to do another mixtape; I wanted to do something epic.”

Fortunately those lofty expectations are tempered with BSBD and Nacho’s simple formula.

“We just did what we always do—getting good beats and putting dope rhymes over them,” Kingston said. “There’s no pressure. The only difference between a mixtape and an album is the name. We’re just not calling it a mixtape.”

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