Diddy has settled the civil action lawsuits stemming from a 1999 shooting at Club New York in New York City. According to the NY Post, the Bad Boy mogul quietly struck deals with three clubgoers shot by his accomplice, Jamal “Shyne” Barrow,” who ended up serving nine of his 10-year sentence. 

The terms of the settlement are unknown due to confidentiality agreements. But according to former club owner Michael Bergos, the highest paid victim was also the most seriously injured – Natania Reuben – who was cut a check for $1.8 million.

The other two victims were paid $500,000 and $50,000. Insurance companies for Shyne and the club ended up picking up some of the tab, while Diddy paid out of pocket due to his now-defunct insurance handlers.

The original incident occurred on December 27, 1999. Diddy and his then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez hit the club with Shyne and bodyguard Anthony “Wolf” Jones. The night took a turn for the worse when they engaged in a spar with Matthew “Scar” Allen, prompting Shyne to pull out a gun and shoot into the crowd. 

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