Various sources report that Sean “Diddy” Combs will not be brought up on any criminal charges for his alleged altercation with Steven Acevedo on Oct. 13. Combs faced the threat of criminal assault charges after the 31-year-old Acevedo claimed Combs got into an argument with him over an unnamed female. Acevedo originally told police that Combs punched him in the face at approximately 3:30 a.m. inside Kiosk club in Manhattan’s “SoHo” district.

“Both Mr. Combs and I are pleased that the DA’s office and the police department conducted a very thorough investigation and came to this conclusion,” said Comb’s attorney Benjamin Brafman. While the mix up was believed to be over a woman who used to date Acevedo but was with Combs at the time, “Diddy” maintained that he “doesn’t fight over girls.” Brafman also dismissed the potential case as “a private disagreement between acquaintances.”

According to the Manhattan district attorney’s office, Acevedo would not cooperate with law enforcement and had also given different versions of the incident. Officials also stated there was trouble finding witnesses who could verify Acevedo’s account.

For those reasons, we cannot prove any charges beyond the shadow of a doubt,” said Barbara Thompson, a spokeswoman with the Manhattan district attorney’s office. According to New York’s penal code such an incident is considered a third-degree assault, which usually carries a fine and/or a jail sentence that is not to exceed six months.