Wiz Khalifa was said to have sparred with Waka Flocka Flame a few weeks back at Hot 97’s Summer Jam, but the Taylor Gang leader insists that there’s no truth to the rumors. In an interview with MTV.com, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native explained that it’s nothing but love for the Southern MC. 

“Yeah, nothing happened backstage,” he said. “It’s always something; making up some rumor about something happening with me backstage during somebody’s set, but nothing happened. Me and Waka and are cool. That’s just people trying to promote negativity.” 

He chalked it up to the need for controversy in hip-hop. “There’s just so much fake shit going on. Like, people will buy into what’s fake. According to people, this isn’t my Rolex, you know?” he said. “But that’s just what mugs like to think and what they like to talk about, but the reality of the situation is everything’s under control. And this is my Rolex. That I bought.”

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