In part one of their three-part video series with Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound, Hip Hop duo The Cool Kids spoke on linking up back in 2005 and what their first impressions were upon meeting each other for the first time.

Chuck Inglish shared his thoughts first, revealing that he was somewhat shocked when he learned that Sir Michael Rocks both produced and rapped.

“The first interaction was crazy cause I just thought he made beats then he came over and I was like ‘Oh yo, don’t you rap too?’ And he was like ‘yea.’ And then it was lights out,” said Chuck Inglish in regards to his fellow The Cool Kids member. “I never seen no shit like that.”

And according to Sir Michael Rocks he was most taken aback by Chuck Inglish’s maturity as an artist after hearing him rap for the first time.

“First time I heard him rap I thought that he had been doing it for a while because you don’t start out with the elements he started out with,” Sir Michael Rocks explained. “It’s hard to believe that you just started doing this and you already skipped all these levels that takes people years to figure out.”

The Cool Kids are scheduled to release their studio album When Fish Ride Bicycles on July 12, 2011.

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