Philadelphia, Pennsylvania duo OuterSpace has announced its new album My Brother’s Keeper, dropping August 23rd. The pair, consisting of Planetary and Crypt the Warchild, have enlisted production from Mack the Knife, DC the Midi Alien, Vanderslice, Sick Side Army’s Cynic, DJ Sountrax, Nero, Skammadix and C-Lance.

The duo explained that they don’t stray far from their tyical formula. “This album is my favorite of all. I’m saying that for this reason: It’s our best, lyrically, and it’s the best production so far,” wrote Planetary on his Tumblr page. “We kept it limited with the amount of producers this time. We have a core of guys that never fail us so we figured we stick to the script.”

Sick Jacken makes an appearance on a track produced by Sick Side Army’s Cynic. “This the East Coast/West Coast anthem y’all! I’m telling you, this shit will be remembered for a long time,” he wrote. will keep you updated.