Busta Rhymes is currently wrapping up his currently untitled album, formerly known as E.L.E. 2. The enigmatic rapper spoke with AHH about progress on the LP, revealing that he is 90 percent finished with recording for the project.

“There’s times when you gotta go back in the kitchen and find new seasonings to make the meat taste a little better when you feed the full course meal back to the streets,” he said. “It was time for me to put together another full course meal that aint never been tasted the way this full course meal is gonna taste.” 

Contradicting earlier claims that the album would be titled E.L.E. 2, he wouldn’t share its title, but explained that it will be similar in style to that of previous releases including When Disaster Strikes, Genesis and Extinction Level Event.



“This is my shit. I am back in a space where I can talk about the things I love to talk about and touch on things people are a little uncomfortable talking about and really expose the truths, and do it in a way where it’s so extremely entertaining. I feel supreme right now,” he continued.

Reportedly without a label home, Busta will most likely release the new album in September via his Conglomerate Records, and also plans to put out projects by associates Reek Da Villain and Spliff Star. “A couple of my artists are finally going to get their feet wet in the music thing,” he confirmed.

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