Lupe Fiasco has penned a tribute to rap’s godfather Gil Scott-Heron, who passed away this past weekend. The Chicago, Illinois rapper released the piece on his website, branding it “in Dedication to that guiding light of a human being Gil-Scott Heron.”

In the piece, Lupe imitates the language used on Scott-Heron’s 1970 recording “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” separating each paragraph with “The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized!”

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Each paragraph has a sarcastic slant on television’s dumbing down of society. “Idiot boxes of the world unite!” he writes. “To fight off the effects of intelligence, replace smart quotes with fart jokes, substitute sense with scenes from Martin, let the baby’s bathe in that glow and learn all manner of things they don’t really need to know!”

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