iLLVibes recently chopped it up with DX Next alum Mac Miller at a recent show at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. During the interview, Mac discussed the process that goes into choosing beats for projects. He explains that a producer’s popularity isn’t as important to him as the quality of the beat.

“When I first starting making a name for myself, what I really wanted to do was just work with as many people as possible,” he said. “I’m just an excited fan, so as a fan, I want to work with everybody, like, I want to work with all of my favorite [artists]…but what it comes down to is, the people who I really want to work with are the people who really support my movement and who really support what I do and who really want to see me succeed…but as far as picking beats and everything, it really doesn’t matter what the name is to me; I’ma pick the dopest beats. When I did K.I.D.S., a lot of those beats were straight up off of an email…that shit happens now, too.”

Mac also revealed that he recently linked up with the legendary DJ Premier to work on music together. He said that  the experience of recording in the same place as greats like Nas, Jay-Z and his personal favorite Big L was the best part of the experience.

“I did a jam with DJ Premier, which was a life changing experience for me because that’s like the top producer of all time,” he said. “It was cool, like, because the one I like about working with people, especially [people] like Premo, [is that] my favorite rapper is Big L…and [Premo] was able to tell me all these stories about L. I actually stood in the same booth that Big L stood in to record and that so many other people like Jay-Z and Nas [stood in]. Premo has the same booth; he keeps it 100% traditional.” 

The full interview can be seen below.

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