Not many people can forget MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” featuring Xzibit and the eccentric crew of Los Angeles’ West Coast Customs. For those who don’t remember, Xzibit would show up to the doorstep of a lucky fan with a beat up car, and offer to go above and beyond in fixing it.

One man who goes by the name Jake Glazes, and who was featured on the show during its run, said he got much more value out of selling his newly pimped out 1986 Buick Century than he would had he kept it. WCC had transformed his $500 vehicle into a portable deejay booth with a new sound system and turntables. However, Glazes says the car may have been spruced up on the outside, but the insides were still beat up.

“The problem with the show is, they don’t fix any of the mechanical issues and my car was a piece of shit,” he said. “What they did was make my piece of shit sound exceptionally awesome, which is great. Just not great enough to drive on the roads.”

MTV’s contract asserted that cars from the show not be sold online. However, Glazes was able to circumvent that contract by selling the car to the company associated with the vehicle’s upgrade for $18,000. And although he couldn’t drive the car, he says his experience with Xzibit was a good one.

“Xzibit was very chill. We probably shared 3 entire bags of Fiery Hot Cheetos. He also told me many stories. The crew at West Coast Customs were great dudes also. Very kind.”