Believe it or not, Fabolous used have serious skills on the basketball court. The Brooklyn, New York rapper recently spoke on his athletic history, explaining that he’s had to cut back on shooting hoops because of his busy schedule.

“I used to be a pretty good player back in the day,” he told ESPN. “But I don’t play basketball too much anymore. I need to practice. I’ve been pretty busy lately.”

He also recalled a recent game of pick-up that he played against DJ Clue, with unfortunate results. “Well, recently, I was playing ball with DJ Clue and I busted my lip, and I had to appear on MTV later that day – with a busted lip,” he continued. “So that’s why I have to watch playing basketball.” 

Loso spoke on his current status as a well-renowned hip-hop artist and how blessed it is to have succeeded. “I look at where I’ve come from and realize that I’m lucky to make it out,” he added. “I was a mischievous kid and I understand the whole reasoning of youth today because I didn’t have much to do in the afternoon after school.”

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