Young Money emcee Cory Gunz is often associated with his father, Peter Gunz, of “Deja Vu” fame. While the family lineage is always a talking point, Lil Wayne and Peter Gunz aren’t the only members of the Hip Hop elite Cory is connected to.

“I was working with an album with Casablanca/Def Jam,” Cory Gunz told Funkmaster Flex during a recent appearance on “Full Throttle” on MTV2. “I was in a joint venture with Tommy Mattola and Jay-Z, and he came in when he was on fire…when he didn’t have to. He was promoting Tha Carter II, hitting TRL and ‘106 & Park’ all in one day.”

The pair worked on the song “I Gotcha,” and obviously would reconnect on “6’7’” when Wayne was assembling the Young Money roster. During the “Full Throttle” appearance, Cory would also speak on his various Hip Hop influences. Despite his relatively young age and having had the opportunity to work with Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, Cory listed an influence that may surprise some.

“I started out listening to Grandmaster Caz,” Cory revealed. “He’s absolutely one of the coolest people…one of the dopest. I’m a Bronx baby, so I grew up in that environment with my dad having shows. I think it’s the essence of Hip Hop—the culture, the graffiti, the dressing. ”