Last night on Tuesday May 10, Kanye West took to the stage at the Museum of Modern Art’s annual charity event Party in the Garden. The event, which raised $4 million to fund the museum’s upkeep, featured an hour long performance from the Chicago rapper/producer, during which he performed songs like “Gold Digger,” “Monster” and a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “They Won’t Go When I Go.” 

During the course of the evening, ‘Ye addressed his numerous critics while performing an extended version of his single “Runaway.” He thanked his fans for sticking by him during his more tumultuous moments, and apologized to the concert goers for having to put up with his shenanigans.

“Thank you for coming out,” said West. “Thank you for loving me when they told you not to love me. Every bone in my body, I give it all to you…I’m sorry for y’all up there who ever had to argue for me. I’m sorry I put you through that – I just can’t sit down and listen to this bullshit over and over. They say I’m racist, but how can I be racist, I fuck with so many difference faces. They say I’m such a bad person until they meet me in person. They try to make me run away, but tonight, New York City, they can hear us five blocks away. Do you know what it feels like to be hated, when the nicest thing someone can say is that I don’t believe what people say about you? One day the real will rise to the top. One day, one day all will be perfect. I’m sorry for when I fucked up. I’m sorry for my ego. Nobody is perfect. You gotta realize I lost my mind. You make me feel so good. And I know she’s looking down right now.”

Mr. West also brought out his mentor and frequent collaborator Jay-Z as a surprise guest. The two performed a number of chart topping hits together, including “Empire State of Mind” and their first Watch the Throne  single “H.A.M.”

A video of ‘Ye and Jay performing “H.A.M.” and Jay tearing through a solo set of “Empire State of Mind” can be seen below.