Odd Future’s explosive emergence onto the music scene has been a polarizing journey for fans of Hip Hop who are still unsure what to make of the young rappers. Chamillionaire, a comparative veteran, took to his blog to express his feelings about the group.

“I know they have been getting a lot of press in the industry,” Cham wrote. “And they seem to be gaining the interest of a lot of people but most people that I see talking about them can never really tell me any of their songs when I ask. It kinda reminds me of the people that mention Ghetto Boys [sic] as one of the greatest groups from the South but can’t name any of their song.”

Although Cham said he’d listened to and enjoyed the group’s music, his concerns seemed to be centered more on some of the fans who he feels may have jumped onto the OFWGKTA bandwagon.

“I just want to know what you can tell me about the songs in their catalog? [Or] did you listen to them before everyone else started talking about them?”

In other news, the Notorious B.I.G.’s son, Christopher “CJ” Wallace joins the cast of Will Ferrel’s newest comedy Everything Must Go. The 14-year old spoke to BVX about his decision not to follow in his father’s musical footsteps.

“[If I did music], I feel that a lot would be expected of me, and I’m definitely not up to where my father was.”

He also explained why he didn’t want to play a younger version of his father in the film Notorious . “I didn’t want to do it because it seemed so likely for me to do it. Like Biggie’s son is going to play Biggie. After I had my acting coach and really read through it, I started to find out things that I didn’t know about him. Then I took more of an interest into it. It was actually fun, going out to New York, living like him, going into his old apartment, doing what he did. It was cool.”

Lastly, in celebration of Mother’s Day, GQ listed out its Top 10 Rap songs dedicated to moms. At #5 is Nelly’s “Luven Me,” followed by #3’s “I Love My Momma” by Snoop Dogg. Tupac’s “Dear Mama” came in at #2 and was beat out by Kanye West’s “Hey Mama” from his sophomore effort, Late Registration.