In a recent article in Rolling Stone, Ad-Rock and Mike D of the legendary Hip Hop trio the Beastie Boys discuss the process that went into making their latest critically acclaimed LP Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. Ad-Rock described their work ethic as a clash between “desire and laziness.” He noted that while this makes releasing an album a bit more difficult, it does keep them from getting into fights.

“We think about music all the time and want to make records,” said Ad-Rock. “And we’re also really lazy. So when desire and laziness clash, it just takes some time…We’re not good at making plans. But we do talk about ideas…We don’t have that many arguments. But lunch – the decision-making process takes forever.”

Mike D added, “We labor a lot over the whole food thing.”

Mike D also discussed his fellow bandmate MCA’s on-going bout with cancer of the salivary gland. He explained that not only did it prevent the timely release of the album – which apparently had been completed 2009 – but that it wad also distressing to know that their friend was dealing with such a devastating illness. He also added that while MCA still undergoing treatment, he is in good health.

“That sent us all reeling, both in terms of having your good friend and your bandmate diagnosed with cancer, and then also, oh, so our record isn’t coming out,” said Mike D. “We’ll just put this on hold and see where we’re at in six months. And then 12 months…[MCA]’s still doing treatment for cancer. Given the choice, he wouldn’t be. He’d love to be freaking completely fucking done with it.”

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