Freddie Gibbs recently joined forces with Young Jeezy’s CTE Records, and he’s already making new music with the Snowman. The Gary, Indiana rapper revealed that he has recorded tracks with Jeezy for his oft-delayed album Thug Motivation 103.

“I’m definitely on Jeezy’s project. That Thug Motivation 103? Aw yea, that’s going to shake the world,” he told’s The Juice. “I just left Atlanta. The first Atlanta trip was a strip club trip, this trip we got in the lab and knocked out some stuff.” 

Gangsta Gibbs also discussed the recently leaked track titled “Stripes” produced by Lodi. “I’m working with this guy Lodi. Lodi is amazing, he’s one of the most amazing producers in the game right now. Jeezy introduced me to him. We’re making masterpieces,” he said. “We gotta song called ‘Stripes.’ I don’t even gotta say nothing else. Once you hear ‘Stripes,’ you gon’ see what CTE coming with this year.” 

With his mixtape A Cold Day in Hell dropping June 14th, he also hinted at a secret album in the works as well as his official debut. “I got a secret album I can’t tell you about. I’m not going to tell you any more about it. That’s gonna come this year too,” he said. “I got the Baby-Faced Killa, we gon’ drop the big debut with CTE. That’s probably gonna come bottom of the year, top of next year. We’re just hitting the lab. I’m just blessed to be working with a guy like Jeezy.”

He also recently recorded separate tracks with Juicy J and Statik Selektah, and plans to record with E-40 and The Alchemist. He’s even got a track with The xx, and hopes to collaborate with the punk-inspired duo Sleigh Bells. “I got a song with people that, in my hood, wouldn’t even know. Like xx, I just did a song with them. Hopefully soon, I can do a song with Sleigh Bells,” he said.

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