In a recent Boston, Massachussetts interview with Peter Parker, Gary, Indiana emcee Freddie Gibbs touched upon his upcoming full-length debut, Baby-Faced Killer. After releasing his retail EP, Str8 Killa with Decon Records this summer, the veteran gangsta rapper is working with some high-profile producers in addition to longtime collaborator, Josh The Goon.

“I just got it in with Jim Jonsin,” said Gibbs about recording the album. He also revealed that he’s working with Ski Beatz, Develop and Hi-Tek. Working with hit-makers for Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, T.I. and Reflection Eternal, Gibbs simply stated, “I’m just makin’ moves. I’m just gonna come with a quality sound…I’m just workin’ how I want to work, and makin’ my masterpiece the way I want to make [it].” That attitude comes as the rapper spent years on Interscope Records without releasing an album, largely due to creative differences.

Although Gibbs’ resume now boasts an XXL cover and work with veteran Hip Hop elite, his sound will remain the same. “That same raw street that I been makin’, I’ma keep makin’ that. If it catch on the mainstream or radio, so be it,” Freddie told Peter Parker. “But I could care less what some old-ass dude and some soccer mom want me to be. ‘Cause I live in L.A., and I hear the radio stations, and they play songs for soccer moms. Them the bitches that ain’t at work everyday.”

Confirming a recent recording with Oakland, California’s Yukmouth, Freddie Gibbs pointed to 1995’s hit single as an example on how to break the mainstream without compromising. “The Luniz, they came out [with their first single, ‘I Got 5 On It’] being a weed song. Wasn’t nobody trippin’. My grandma was singin’ ‘I Got 5 On It!’ That’s what I gotta do: I gotta stand for somethin’, or I’ma fall like the rest of these mothafuckas.”