Stalley isn’t leaning back from his recent mixtape release Lincoln Way Nights . The Massillon, Ohio native has revealed that he’s currently shooting a 30-minute short film for its track “Assassin” featuring John Mayer, with plans to follow with another project this summer.

“I’m actually shooting a movie. It’s like a short film, ‘Assassin,'” he told DWND Radio. “It’s gonna a 30-minute short film. Yeah, that’s the joint right there. It’s gonna be a video/short film, so it’s going to be an official video for it and then it’s also gonna be a short 30-minute film. It’s gonna be crazy.”

The bearded MC, who was recently linked to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group, also revealed that he’ll be hitting the studio this month in anticipation of a summer release.

“I’m about to start actually getting back in the studio next month some time once these shows settle down and shooting these videos and stuff, but right now, my focus is still linking with Nights, promoting that, getting it to as many people as possible and just getting it heard as much as possible,” he continued. “But I’ma get back to the studio in May and give people some more intelligent trunk music to ride around the summer with and kill out at barbecues and stuff like that.

The upstart also doled out some advice for up-and-coming rappers trying to make it in the biz. “My advice is just to be yourself and stay true to who you are, not to sound cliché again, but that’s really it. That’s really the formula,” he explained. “A lot of people who last long are artists who be themselves and do the music that they love and just stay true to who they are. It’s usually the people who run and catch that fame fast. The ones who try to catch that fame fast are trying to leave fast because they’re tying to get as much money as possible before people find out who they really are. As long as you be you and write music and be true to who you really are, you’ll be successful.”