Between scoring the music in commercials for companies like Gatorade and Mercedes Benz and his critically acclaimed album with 9th Wonder last December Death of a Popstar, David Banner has been keeping busy. Now, in a recent interview with, the Jackson, Mississippi emcee revealed that he is already begun working on his next solo effort.

Taking a cue from his last solo album The Greatest Story Ever Told, Banner said his next album, which he is projecting for a 2012 release, will fuse of the sound he crafted on hit singles like 2008’s “Get Like Me” and the conscious message of Death of a Popstar. He even described the album’s first single “Malcolm,” which he said is inspired by Public Enemy. He also said that while music like the kind he and 9th Wonder made for Popstar may not have massive radio appeal, he feels Hip Hop needs a greater balance between conscious fare and club-oriented bangers.

“It’s the music [like] ‘Get Like Me,’ but with the message of Death of a Popstar,” he explained said. “It’s a good compromise between what people want from me and what I want to do.”

He also added, “I always tell people, for me, where I’m from, Death of a Popstar is not what my core audience wanted. I put my career up for what I believe…In order to save that kind of [club-oriented] music [like “Get Like Me”] and not burn it out, we can’t do that all the time. Stop chasing the light. You are the light. If you stand still and shine bright enough, everything will come to you.”