Blues guitarist Wayne Baker Brooks got a little help from fellow hip-hop for his upcoming genre-bending single. The Chicago, Illinois native has tapped fellow Windy City rappers Twista and GLC for his upcoming single “Something’s Going Down,” which also features blues musician Sugar Blue.

The track is featured on an upcoming project that Brooks originally conceived with Jam Master Jay three weeks before he was murdered. “I couldn’t believe someone would do that to the nicest guy in the world. It really killed my spirit at that moment. He really understood what I was trying to do – and then he was gone,” said Brooks. 

Five years later, Brooks was reinvigorated to do the project after GLC grabbed the mic at an All-Star Blues Bash at Chicago’s House of Blues and freestyled over his guitar riffs. Brooks conceptualized the song after witnessing President Barack Obama run for office, inspired to write the chorus: “Something’s going down in the city / Something’s going down in this town / Better get ready for the real nitty gritty / This is how the Chi gets down.”

Brooks is currently working on additional songs for the project, with aspirations of enlisting Lil Wayne, Akon, Mos Def, Snoop Dogg and Common for another all-star collabo. “I am also hoping they will hear this song and want to contact me themselves,” he continued.

“Something’s Going Down” is streaming and available for purchase at