Nearly a year ago, you could find Wale in the rare Hip Hop video that catered to women without being an overt love ballad. What should fans make of the fact that a video like “Diary” found Mr. Folarin on stage at what appeared to be a poetry reading, while “Make It Rain” now finds him among a bunch of clapping ass cheeks at the King of Diamonds gentlemen’s club? Maybe nothing at all.

“When it’s all said and done, I want to be known as the most versatile rapper to ever touch a microphone,” Wale told Power 99 FM’s Cosmic Kev during a recent interview. “If the backpackers can’t respect that, then what genre are you supporting? What genre doesn’t evolve? What person doesn’t evolve?”

If “600 Benz” is any indication, Wale may be well on his way towards his goal. He previously stated that his vision was compromised on Attention Deficit—from singles being shelved or changed to video treatments being changed. To hear Wale tell it, the informal working relationship with Maybach Music Group founder Rick Ross may be just as important as his desire to showcase his versatility.

“We talked about the vision and all that,” Wale added. “Dude is a genius; he’s like a big brother to me. We first met at King of Diamonds—it’s life changing. It’s like Chuck E. Cheese for grown men. He liked my style and wanted to know what my situation was.”