This past February 8, rapper Dorrough was raided by the DEA on suspiscion of drug trafficking. Although the courts have yet to prove that Dorrough was actually trafficking illegal substances, the multi-platinum Dallas, TX rapper says he is planning to tell his side of the story in a new documentary on the raid titled Hip Hop Police.

According to, Dorrough maintains his innocence in the case. He even said that he has documents revelaing that the DEA had been planning this raid for over a year.

“They kicked in the door, they came in here, I was in the bedroom the whole time,” Dorrough explained in the documentary. “They laid us on the ground and it was 10 DEA agents and five went upstairs. And while they were searching us they went through all my stuff and moved stuff around while we were downstairs”

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He later added, “I just remember someone kicking in the door, I hear a lot of commotion and a lot of noise. I first thought I was getting robbed. So I jumped up and when I came to see what was going on, by the time I got to the door of my room, I already had guns pointed at my face…What if my daughter was there? All these thoughts going on in my head. I wouldn’t even say it was professional the way they did it, I think they was out of line the way they did it. My girl is crying, scared and it’s more like they violated me.”

Despite the pending case, Dorrough recently dropped his Gangsta Grillz Code Red mixtape with DJ Drama, and he is also planning a new album for this summer.