Queens, New York superstar emcee 50 Cent is the latest musician to get the Vh1 “Roc Doc” treatment. The G-Unit head is the subject of The Origin of Me, a feature documentary that will premiere on May 23 at 9pm EST on the Viacom-backed channel.

The Origin of Me finds 50 returning to Edgefield County, South Carolina, where his ancestors moved from before relocating in New York City during the 1950s. Edgefield was a onetime home to controversial United States Senator Strom Thurmond and according to Vh1, “The epicenter of ‘Confederate Rage’, Edgefield was known to be one of the most violent places in the South.”

During the rapper’s trip, 50 Cent also meets the descendants of the slave-owners which enslaved 50’s ancestors, and according to the network, “Will show the world a very different side of 50 Cent.”



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