It’s been almost exactly five years since the world received a new album from Mobb Deep, the Queens, New York duo comprised of Prodigy and Havoc. In the time since 2006’s Blood Money the duo have released solo material and had run-ins with the law. But now it seems as if there is some serious activity going on within the group. The first sign is their new web series “Start of Ur Ending.” The first episode has just been uploaded to Vimeo. In it Prodigy offers some insight on Mobb Deep’s current label status.

The emcee explains, “When 50 [Cent] took G-Unit [Records] off of Interscope [Records] and took it somewhere else, in that in between space, where there wasn’t no deal, the clause in our contract set us free. So, basically, we’re free agents right now. I’ve been talking to 50, we’ve been kicking it with son, and he definitely wants to continue doing business. We’re just weighing our options, seeing what we really want to do, seeing how we want to move forward, see what’s the best route for us to take. Because that’s what it’s all about, just making that best business move, wherever that may be. My focus is incredible right now because I got a lot of catching up to do, with money, the game, and just music and everything. I was missing for a little while so I got a little showing and proving to do to show that I deserve my spot, that Mobb Deep deserves their position in the game.”

The duo has had a pretty eventful past regarding labels. Through their career they’ve signed papers with Loud Records, 4th and Broadway Records, RCA Records, and G-Unit. So it’s safe to say, knowing their history and experience with the industry, that group will be careful when they choose their next label. Check out the full episode “Start of Ur Ending” below.

MOBB DEEP “Start of Ur Ending” from Q-Butta on Vimeo.