Jay-Z has always been open to collaborate with anyone he thinks is worthy, whether they be a Hip-Hop artist or a rock act, most notably his two collaborations with Chris Martin, on his own track “Beach Chair” and a remix of the Coldplay song “Lost.” So last year when Jay-Z toured Australia with Rock and Roll megastars U2 it may have come as a surprise to sum but it really shouldn’t have. During shows on that sold out stint Jay would often hop on stage with the Irish legends to perform a brand new verse during their classic single “Sunday Bloody Sunday.”

That track, released originally in 1983, was written as a commentary on “Blood Sunday” which occurred in 1972 when twenty six unarmed protesters were shot by British soldiers in the town of Derry, Ireland. Most of the victims died as a result of their wounds.

With the track’s themes of civil unrest and citizens versus armed authority it’s not surprising that this is the track that Jay-Z decided to guest on. And the collaboration was so well received that it is now being released as part of the Duals album, a record of collaborations U2 has participated in over the course of their three decade long career. The album, which also features Jay-Z guesting on another cut with Rihanna, will not be available in stores as it is only available to subscribers of the band’s website. Go here to subscribe.