Many actors seem to get the itch to make music at some point in their career. It makes sense, for a lot of these artists music was a first love that got put on the back burner as their acting career took off. A lot of time it fails to workout, with the actor returning to what brought them success originally, think Bruce Willis or Russell Crowe. But for some it creates a second career, actors like Jared Leto of 30 Second To Mars and Jaime Foxx have scored hits while moonlighting. Actor Rick Gonzalez is betting that his career works out like the latter.

Gonzalez is best known for his roles in Coach Carter and Old School. He also had a supporting role on Reaper, which ran for two years on the CW. But the New York born Gonzalez, who is of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent, would like you to now get to know Realm Reality. That is his rapping pseudonym and the name under which he has begun to release music including several mixtapes.

To check out some of Realm Reality’s tracks and videos head over to his website, The most recent post is a video for one of his latest tracks, “The Invisible Man,” which was created by and is set to feature on a mixtape of the same name.