New Brunswick police director Pete Mangarella has placed the blame on a night of violence in the city on Rutgersfest, a festival held by Rutgers University last Friday (April 15).

According to, following Rutgersfest there was a total of two shootings, five injuries, and 11 arrests.

“We were trying to get the university to curtail this last year,” Mangarella explained to “The city’s concerns over this event are falling on deaf ears…It boggles the mind that a university in this day and age would sponsor an event promoting drinking to this level by underage people.”

A spokesperson for the school responded to Mangarella’s complaints by stating that the university worked with police to hire extra security for this year’s event and that safety has always been a “top priority” for the school.

Out of the several, violent incidents that took place after Rutgers’ event none of them took place on the school’s campus.

On top of games and rides the festival also included a concert with performances from Hip Hop artists Yelawolf and Pitbull and electronica duo 3OH!3. The Rutgersfest concert is said to have drawn in close to 50,000 people.