At least one person still thinks that the Fugees will reunite and reclaim their former glory.

Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis, who produced on the group’s seminal album The Score, belives that Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel will form like Voltron once more.

“I believe there will be a day when the Fugees get together, but everyone in the group’s gotta be ready,” said the producer to “The Fugees are definitely going to get back together. The time will come. You’ve gotta wait, man.”

Last week, Wonda pulled an April Fool’s prank on his Twitter followers, writing that the Fugees received a $50 million contract with Live Nation. The response to the hoax, it seems, is indicative of fans’ desire to see the group together again.

“In my studio, I was getting crazy phone calls and mad emails. My Twitter was going heavy,” recalled Wonda. “People all over the globe were saying, ‘Is it true? We really want the Fugees!’ Lauryn was getting phone calls. Wyclef was getting phone calls. Pras was getting phone calls. I felt that if tickets had gone on sale, it would have been sold out in two hours—globally.”