Diplomats’ emcee Jim Jones has been arrested in New York City today. TMZ.com has footage of the Harlem rapper being handcuffed outside of his Bentley coupe.

Details are still releasing, but reports indicate that Jim Jones has stopped for having a suspended license. The rapper remains in police custody through this afternoon.

Jones’ upcoming album, Capo, is planned for next week, April 5th. Already in 2011, the rapper has been sued for topless scenes in his video last month, after surviving a car crash in January.

(March 30)

UPDATE: Jim Jones has been released from police custody. The rapper told The New York Daily News that the authorities “treated me with total respect.”

(March 31)

UPDATE #2: According to NYDN, Jim Jones pleaded guilty today to driving his Bentley with a suspended license. He was fined $200 and also paid an $80 court fee after entering a misdemeanor guilty plea.

His lawyer, Marianne Bertune, explained that the Harlem, New York native was unaware that his license was invalid because he did not see the notices stating that he had to pay a penalty.