During a career that has spanned nearly 17 years, E-40 now finds himself in an ambassador role for both the Bay Area and Hip Hop in general. While on the set of Snoop Dogg’s “My Fuc’n House” video, which also features Young Jeezy, 40 Water observed how things have come full circle. His latest albums Revenue Retrievin’: Overtime Shift and Revenue Retrievin’: Graveyard Shift find him embracing artists that may not be known to the casual Hip Hop fan, and 40 says that it’s no coincidence.

“Independent music is taking over right now, and a lot of people want to exclude the up and coming artists,” E-40 said. “But I’m gonna include the up and coming artists and producers.”

The talk of newer artists may have struck a nerve as E-40 reflected on his 1994 debut, Federal, and how he later befriended another legendary West Coast emcee who was also making his solo debut around the same time.

“Years ago Snoop told me, ‘We fuck with y’all,’” E-40 added. “So we’re all connected, and years later we’ve all bonded. Here we is, years later, putting together this classic music.”

Snoop Dogg added that the pair’s longevity can be attributed to being authentic and original at a time when many artists prefer to copy the most popular current trend. Snoop and E-40’s bond apparently goes beyond music, as 40 showed a older picture of Snoop, explaining how the whole Dogg Pound came to Vallejo to meet him years ago.

“Whether I got an album out or not, I’m gonna always bang some 40,” Snoop added. “We’ve always been down with each other, and we just love the fact that we’re still able to do it. Whenever he calls me, I’m there for him and the feeling is mutual.”