M1 of the Hip Hop duo dead prez will be following Bun B, Swizz Beatz and 9th Wonder as the latest artist to work in higher education. The veteran emcee has been announced as Scholar-Artist In Residence at Haverford College, a small liberal arts school just miles outside of West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The rapper’s position will allow him to lecture to students, sit on panels and lead creative workshops. The residency, sponsored by the Africana Studies program and AcadeMIX Hip Hop Symposium and other college organizations will complete with M1 producing a free EP, The Africana Digital Project. Students and faculty are said to collaborate on the effort, which includes other media components.

In a statement, M1 said the following, “[I’m] excited about working on The Africana Digital Media project and doing some groundbreaking collaborative work.” Assistant Professor of Anthropology Jesse Shipley added, “To have him engage with faculty and students in processes of production is a creative forum for both sides, because in some ways it brings a different kind of energy to what he’s doing, and it brings his kind of energy and his engagement as a performer and musician to the campus.”

M1 and stic.man are at work on dead prez’ next official album, Information Age.

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