During an appearance at the Vibe House, Vibe Magazine and the Cashmere Agency’s South By Southwest music showcase, producer The Alchemist took some time to speak on the work he’s been doing with the newly reunited Mobb Deep.

According to Alchemist, despite Prodigy’s time in prison he hasn’t lost it when it comes to the music.

“He came right back and hit the ground running,” Alchemist explained to Vibe. “That shit was kinda like amazing. No disrespect, but it’s not a Shyne situation. No disrespect he’s better than those [fools]. He just sounds young. His writtens, he’s got a book it’s like the size of a phone book. We call it the book of P-Eli.”

Although Prodigy was incarcerated for three years Alchemist revealed that the energy between the rapper and fellow Mobb Deep member Havoc is still the same.

“The energy’s real good. Him and Hav are like perfect the way it was,” said Alchemist. “[We] got the right people around. I’m over there making some shit. Hav’s making shit. It’s just internal right now. It feels good. Even the first record we just made it, decided to put it out, and put it out for the fans.”

When asked if Prodigy changed at all following his release from prison Alchemist merely stated that the Queensbridge rapper seemed more organized.

“He’s the same ol’ P. He’s just a little more organized right now. I guess jail gave him some time to put his thoughts together. He’s on another level right now,” Alchemist shared. “I’m just happy to be a part of it. Even after all the years and all the shit we did this still means a lot for them to come home…and come out to New York let’s work. I still take that serious and I told them that.”