UPDATE (3/7): Mobb Deep’s Prodigy officially finished his three-year prison sentence Monday. Various sources reported P would be released this week, and the emcee wasted no time confirming his release, as he sent a photo via Twitter. Despite no longer being signed to G-Unit records, all is apparently well between 50 Cent and Prodigy. The G-Unit founder was one of the first to shout out P upon his release, and he also had Prodigy’s first photo as a free man watermarked with the ThisIs50 logo.

While Prodigy has been serving three years in a correction facility for criminal possession of a weapon, Havoc has kept working. Monday, March 7 will be the day the two will reunite as that is the scheduled date for P’s release and according to a XXL interview with Hav, the duo’s schedule will be hectic. 


“[Prodigy] is ready is touch the town, go home, get to work [and] catch up on a lot of shit that he missed,” Hav noted before adding that Prodigy’s mentality on rhyming has somewhat changed a bit, in a positive manner. “Instead of writing records recklessly, he wants them to mean something.”

Havoc also added that a new Mobb Deep album is in the works but there is no home for the album after an amicable split with G-Unit. 

“It was a problem for Interscope, where I guess they felt that we didn’t sell enough records for them at that time…So they let us go off the roster and we was like, the stipulations in contracts was real technical so after that I think the G-unit contracts just expired…[But] we [won’t] stay homeless for long.”

Prodigy will also be busy promoting his new memoir, My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, which will drop April 19.