A little over four years ago, the Clipse made it clear that they weren’t afraid of being vocal about their disdain and disregard for Lil Wayne. After the Cash Money star publicly wrote off Clipse as non-entities in the Rap game, the duo infamously called out Weezy for what they claimed was his attempt to “rap like Jay-Z, dress like the Clipse, become a coke dealer after 5 albums, and now dress like Jim Jones.”

Wayne responded to the comments almost a year later in an interview with Complex Magazine, convinced that the Clipses’ “Mr. Me Too” video was about him. He assured readers that his net worth and prolific music was reason enough for him to consider their statements void: “I’m on a million-dollar bus going around the world charging people from $50,000 to $150,000 for verses,” he’d said. “Do the math; you think I’m trying to be like you? No sir.”

Well, after four years, one stint in jail, and a meeting in Miami, Pusha T says the beef between them is over. He told Complex that things change as time passes, and he’s gotten a sense of a bigger picture.

“Ever since Lil Wayne went to jail, that whole little stint is really dead and over with. I don’t have any ill words towards Wayne, Cash Money, or any of them. There was definitely a time period when I felt a certain way [about him] but as of right now I don’t. That’s just where I once was. I don’t even like speaking on it. [On my mixtape Fear of God], I actually said, ‘They had freed Weezy, congratulations.’ When I seen Wayne in Miami, I told him, ‘Congratulations on getting out of jail.'”

Pusha explained that as he’s matured, he’s come to get a better idea of the difference between beefing in interviews and beefing in music.

“I looked at [Wayne] like, this man has got some real problem and real issues too. This man really went to jail. So it’s way bigger than some Rap shit. That’s all it was ver to me, some Rap shit. Even when the little jabs where we were going back and forth, it was never nothing personal like, ‘I hate your guts.’ It was on wax and who can be the cleverest. It was something I would never have talked about even in interviews. I think the whole interview thing is what makes it different. Things are different in interviews versus songs.”

Check out Complex for a preview of the upcoming Fear of God.