You already know the news. Lil Wayne was in the middle of an interview, and he suddenly verbally attacked various artists including Jay-Z. He went on to strike The Clipse and Skateboard P as well. 
Now, that didn’t go over too well with The Clipse, who
recently voiced their views on the subject while on WWHV Hot 102.1 FM
in Virginia. During their own interview, they directly addressed Wayne and the disrespect he gave them and Pharrell.

Wayne, you sort of copying The Clipse right now,” Pusha T said.
“I think he made a bad judgment call…maybe he’s got an album coming
out. This is a small thing to a giant, he’s just acting out.”

This went on, and they even dissed Wayne regarding the infamous Lil

anything, I am upset about him using the F word before my name, being
as though he likes to sit around and kiss men. If you gonna kiss men,
you can’t even use them words in conjunction with The Clipse, Pharrell,
or any of the [Star Trak ] family. He’s definitely acting out right
now. Jay-Z? Do what you gotta do. But involve The Clipse? You don’t
want to do that. I already don’t look at him like a G. He aint nothing
like me.”

This could get ugly.