California collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All has been turning a lot of heads within the industry lately with their blend of Neptunes-inspired production and lyrics raunchy enough to make Eminem blush. But none of the group’s members is quite as surprising as the smooth-voiced crooner Frank Ocean.

Now, in a recent interview with MTV, Ocean opened up about his and OFWGKTA’s sudden rise to fame. For an artist who has already inked a deal with Island Def Jam, hit the studio with Beyonce and even  graced the pages of the New York Times, Frank says that the most surprising aspect of his career thus far is that the Internet has been so acceptive of his debut project Nostalgia, Ultra

“The first thing that was shocking to me — as a person that grew up with the Internet and knowing how vicious people can be, especially when they are anonymous — early on, there was no hate,” said Ocean. “There was nothing negative. Everything I was thinking about from the marketing prospective was as far as how to start a fire, because you don’t expect a response, because who the fuck am I? I’m just another guy putting out another collection of music and telling you to download this.”

Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia, Ultra. can be downloaded for free at Odd Future’s Tumblr