When Slaughterhouse initially released their self-titled debut, fans were clamoring for the crew to continue making music. After taking the show on the road, rocking festivals and tours for some time, they took somewhat of a break before getting a major break. Rumors fueled stories and those stories became factual when Slaughter announced that they would call Shady Records home, signing on to represent the lab that Eminem built.

Since then, anticipation for a Slaughterhouse album on Shady Records has been steadily soaring. Last week, Crooked I spoke with HipHopDX about the upcoming album, what fans can expect and why he feels it may have the “most quotables ever” in Hip Hop history.

When asked to speak on their work with Eminem, Crook noted that the atmosphere has been great for all members of the group, noting that Eminem is a hard working producer that is taking time to make sure their project is something to be proud of.

“Right now, [Eminem’s] probably somewhere adding some crazy shit to a Slaughterhouse song. A lot of people may know it, but I don’t know if a lot of these new generation dudes in the game know, how much of a producer Em is. He’ll take a song to another level and he’s passionate about it. He might be doing that right now, because that’s how much he works.”

Of course, any time you are in a room with Eminem, the name Dr. Dre tends to pop up. So, when asked if there are talks of several Dre-produced beats, Crook said the album “wouldn’t be complete without at least a couple” tracks from the Good Doc.

“Well, if I’ve got something to say about it, I want Dr. Dre to touch them boards. I’ma need them Dr. Dre tracks, if I’ve got something to say. He’s the greatest producer in Hip Hop history, in my book. It’s hands down.”

We asked if the rumors were true regarding a Dre-produced Slaughterhouse record that has already been finished.

“Well, you know what, I’m not going to say it hasn’t happened all the way. There were some instrumentals laying around with Slaughterhouse’s name on it. So, it will happen. I’m just saying, I don’t think the album would be complete without at least a couple of them but I’m not the CEO of Shady [Laughs]. “

Aside from Eminem and Dr. Dre, Crooked acknowledged that several other producers have given the crew beats to pick from. According to Crook, these beats have been inspiring the rhymers to spit from the heart.

“Now, people are giving us life music. I guess it’s what they want to hear us on or something because we’re not requesting it. But, when it comes our way, they’re pulling out stories, personal feelings and a lot of shit out of us. I’m loving it. This Slaughterhouse album is going to have a mark in the history of Rap. There’s going to be a lot of lyrics on there, man. Just having Em in the building, you’ve got to step your game up. So, it might have the most quotables ever, on one album.”

When pressed to speak on if the producers he was discussing were the same ones who contributed to their debut, he went on to say that some were the same but that many were surprises.

“Some of the same cats, the usual suspects. But, we’ve been getting beats from everywhere, man. So, it’s going to be some usual suspects, some surprises and Em is going to produce a few. I’m just looking forward to it, man! I’m getting into that mode, that Slaughterhouse mode heavy right now.”

While the album is still not finalized, he shared some of what has been going on in the recording process. 

“I’m just excited, man. We’ve been shooting some ideas around with each other, man. We’ve touched bases on a couple of songs and we’ve got a few songs that’s going to be conceptual and real personal. I think the fans are going to love it.“

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