Slaughterhouse emcee Crooked I recently sat down with Conspiracy Worldwide Radio to discuss a myriad of topics, including his next solo album.

“I have a lot of albums,” said Crooked, laughing. “I probably could put out an album a day for thirty days…This Million Dollar Story is very close to me. What I’m doing is I’m working on it right now…a lot of people hear the title, and they’re like, ‘Million Dollar Story? Is this another dude talking about bling?’ It’s not really about that. It’s more about the story of my life, and some of the priceless experiences that I’ve gone through, and some of the priceless inspiration that people can get when they can hear about all the struggles and adversity that I’ve been through, and that I’m continuing to push. Sometimes that’s all you need to hear – that somebody’s going through some of the similar things that you’re going through. To me, those are the million dollar stories.”

Crooked I added that the album would drop at the beginning of next year, though material from it would be leaked beforehand.



The west coast rapper also discussed the infamous label he was formerly signed to, Death Row. “One thing that people don’t know though…that there was a good side [to Death Row]. There’s Yin and Yang. We regularly [performed] acts of being positive in the community. Suge [Knight] had Mother’s Day dinners where he would get all these mothers out of the ghetto, in low-income neighborhoods, bring them to Beverly Hills…and just feed them [and the kids] all day, give out prizes and have guest artists perform. Even on Father’s Day, he would bring around this bus, get a lot of the kids who had fathers in prison and don’t get a chance to see their fathers, go get the kids and get them clothed, get them to the penitentiary to see their fathers.”

Finally, Crooked discussed his current status with regards to Shady Records, as it was reported that Slaughterhouse would be signing to the label. “I’mma tell you like this,” said Crooked when asked whether the deal had been officially completed. “I don’t know about the rest of the group, but I’m on Shady!” he said, before breaking out laughing. “I’m just playin’. This is a note to any up-and-coming artist who’s out there…any aspiring rapper or producer: when you sign a contract with a label, make sure that you have certain freedoms. Try to negotiate.”

“We got four dudes, we got separate contracts with different labels, and some labels kinda blocking. They kinda blocking. But we’re getting over those obstacles now, and we’re negotiating…It’s worse than LeBron going to The Heat. It’s crazy how long it’s taking, but it’s going to happen. Absolutely it’s gonna happen, and absolutely we will be in the studio with Eminem, recording probably the greatest music of our lifetime.”