Cash Money Content, the book company owned by Cash Money’s Birdman, has been working hard of late. As a result, fans who were anticipating releases from CMC can be thankful for a slew of new books. 

The first of these releases was Raw Law: An Urban Guide to Criminal Justice, a book by lawyer Muhammad Ibn Bashir, that was penned to help guide people who are repeatedly going in and out of prison, according to Cash Money’s boss. 

“It really speaks to the reality of our legal system,” he said in an interview released by Derick G. “I think it’s a book you should read, especially if you’re in and out [of prison].”

Justify my Thug is another book being released by CMC. This one was penned by Wahida Clark. 

“Wahida also did time,” Birdman was quick to note. “She did like nine and a half years and she did like a year in the hole but now she’s the queen of thug fiction. Her books are incredible. I have a whole collection. I reads them all the time.”

In May, CMC supporters can anticipate seeing Iceberg Slim books, since as Birdman notes, they recently “bought the whole Iceberg Slim catalog. Every book he ever wrote.” 

When CMC was initially announced, Birdman noted he’d like to release five or six books a year, promising to promote them in new ways. The video for the promotional interview with Derick G. is below.