Last year, Akon and his Kon Live Touring, Inc. company ended their four year relationship with concert booking agents American Talent Agency (ATA). Now, Akon’s former agency is firing back at the multi-platinum singer with a lawsuit of their own.

According to FOX30, the singer originally sued the ATA last year after he claimed that they had booked him for a series of unapproved performances in Dubai and India and pocketed the performance payments. Representatives from the ATA claim, however, that the singer is actually in the wrong. They say that he has not paid his former agency the necessary fees for both booking and canceling various performances, and they plan to sue both him and his company.

“American Talent Agency was instrumental in building Akon’s international brand over their four-year-long relationship with him, including lucrative cellular company launches in Uganda and Guinea, the MTV Africa Music Awards in Kenya and a performance in Dubai, which was Akon’s highest paid performance to date,” said an ATA spokesperson. “Akon’s accusations of failure to pay earned performance fees and bookings of unapproved appearances and performances are untrue.

“In actuality, there are many performances for which Akon and Kon Live Touring Inc. owe American Talent Agency several thousands of dollars in fees for dates booked by American Talent Agency and also several thousands of dollars for costs in connection with performances booked by American Talent Agency, for which Akon unilaterally canceled or failed to appear, which American Talent Agency has had to absorb on behalf of Akon and Kon Live Touring Inc.”

The spokesperson added that, “American Talent Agency will vigorously defend the allegations made against them and will be bringing claims against Kon Live Touring Inc. and Akon individually.”

DX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.