Tru Life pleaded guilty to gang assault on Wednesday (February 23) in a June 2009 stabbing that left Christopher Guerrero dead.

As previously reported, the rapper and his brother were offered plea deals recently.

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Tru Life, born Robert Rosado, will receive an eight year prison sentence, while his older brother Marcus is expected to get 10 years for manslaughter, according to ABC News.

“They wish to express their deepest sympathies to the Guerrero family, and it is their hope that by accepting responsibility, they can bring some measure of closure to the family,” said attorneys for the brothers, Alan M. Abramson and Joel S. Cohen.

The incident was the result of an argument at a nightclub. Rosado and his brother reportedly chased down Guerrero and another man, Jason Gray. Guerrero was stabbed in the abdomen, and Gray’s artery was sliced, though he survived.

Tru Life was originally signed to Jay-Z’s Roc-La-Familia, though he no longer has a recording deal.