Emcee Tru Life was offered a plea deal Wednesday on charges relating to a fatal stabbing in New York in 2009.

The rapper, real name Robert Rosado, was allegedly involved in the stabbing death of 20-year-old Christopher Guerrero during a fight, reports MissInfo.tv via dnainfo.com.

Formerly signed to Jay-Z’s Roc La Familia label, the rapper was offered a plea deal by Assistant District Attorney Linda Ford, sentencing Tru Life to a 10-year sentence, as well as a 12-year sentence for his brother, Marcus.

The brothers both face second-degree murder, gang assault and assault charges for the incident, which left a second man hospitalized with stab wounds.

Investigators say the incident was the result of a dispute outside of Pancha nightclub, which occurred several hours earlier. The stabbing took place on June 15, 2009.

The rapper’s lawyer, Alan Abramson, said he would discuss the plea deal with his client Wednesday (February 16). If it is not accepted, the brothers will go to trial on the first Monday in March.