From calling out Cristal to publicly revealing Prodigy’s dancing days, Jay-Z has won a lot of battles in his time. Now, the Brooklyn titan can another victory to his list, as he recently won a legal battle against the Rockafella Restaurant.

According to the Chronicle Live, chef and winner of the British television show “Hell’s Kitchen” Terry Miller had opened a restaurant named Rockafella in 2006 with money he won from his win on the show. Now, five years since Hova and his associates first issued a writ against Miller for the use of his label’s trademarked named Roc-a-Fella, British courts have decided in Jay’s favor.

The victory didn’t come with trouble, however. The courts had initially ruled in favor of Miller’s use of his Rockafella restaurant and catering brand within the United Kingdom. Jay-Z, along with his London-based legal team Forrester Ketley & Co., appealed the case and has since won, ultimately barring Miller from using the name for the catering portion of the business. The restaurant in question closed in 2009.

“I’ve had a enough with this whole naming thing now,” said Miller. “It’s been a headache all along and has been rumbling for years.”