Lil’ Kim’s beef with Nicki Minaj is exhaustively-documented, but it turns out that the Queen Bee has problems with more than just her younger counterpart.

Speaking with Ryan Cameron of Atlanta radio station V-103, Lil’ Kim explained that Nicki isn’t the only one in her sites.

When asked about how she felt about DIddy taking a managerial interest in Nicki, Kim held nothing back. “I feel it was very disrespectful because me knowing Puffy, being with Puffy for so long. I remember plenty of times when I might have said something that might have been offensive about somebody,” she explained. “If this was back in the day Puffy would not let any of those records go out. As a matter of fact he would tell me, ‘no, no ,no you gotta change that,’ especially if it was somebody he had a relationship with, or he was getting money with, he wouldn’t let that ride like that.”

Kiim continued, revealing that she was friends with Ronald “Slim” Williams, co-founder of Cash Money Records, for a number of years. As such, she received an opportunity to record with Birdman.

“Baby sent this song to me called ‘Grinding Making Money’ and I loved it. I sent it back to em and I already had a feeling they were gonna wanna put [Nicki] on the record… I kind of felt like they wanted some type of help with homegirl and I didn’t mind that because I felt like I already seen the direction they were going with her. So I said, ‘Maybe if I come over there, she’ll stop throwing these shots that she be throwing.’ Because before I came over there, I already seen the shots she used to be throwing on the low. But I didn’t really pay that no attention because I feel like a lot of girls are misguided when they come in the industry. They always feel like whoever is on top, that’s who [they] gotta go after. And that is not the way to do it. Coming in the game, do you.”

“They put the song out, and I got a better response and I never heard back from them. They swagger jacked me for her.”

To make her cypher complete, Kim threw some parting shots at another member of the Cash Money/Young Money family – Drake. When asked about the Toronto emcee, Kim called him a “weak pink person” for bringing up her name during a concert in June of last year.

Listen to the interview below: